Friends With Boys, webcomic edition!

Hello readers, new ones just discovering the comic and those who’ve been with it since the beginning. Friends With Boys is now complete online. You may read it in its entirety, all 200+ pages, for free, for the next eight days. Then the image files of the comic (except for a short preview) will be taken down. While the comic was being serialized online, I blogged a lot about my comic making process. I did write ups about how I make comics, what my opinions on what makes a good comic are, and pointed out various Easter eggs throughout Friends With Boys. That stuff will all remain up, so if you buy a hard copy of Friends With Boys, you can still read along with my thought process.

And now (today!), Friends With Boys is a published book! Yay! I hope that if you’ve read the web version and liked it, and want to support me as a creator, you’ll consider buying the book.

I’ve really enjoyed serializing Friends With Boys online. If you’re new to my work, I started out making comics online before moving into print. I posted the very first page of my very first online comic on my very first website back in August, 1999, and wow, was that page ugly. Here it is! Notice a weird similarity to the first page of Friends With Boys? Yeah, that was not deliberate, I promise. But look how much your drawing skills can improve if you draw thousands of pages of comics over a ten year period! Anyway, I’m really thrilled my wonderful publisher First Second Books has allowed me to return to my roots and put Friends With Boys online as a lead up to its publication. As a reader and purchaser of comics, I have bought quite a few hard copy versions of online comics, because I enjoy the reading experience of having the whole thing collected, and I want to support the author. I hope you will too. :)

Otherwise, there are a few upcoming events I hope to see some readers at:
Book signing! At my local comics shop Strange Adventures, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 3rd (Saturday), 2-4pm (EDITING TO ADD: The book launch has been moved to the following Saturday due to the books not shipping to Strange Adventures on time. The launch will now be March 10th from 2-4pm. Go here for info).
Comic convention! I’ll have a table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 6th-7th. There are a few other conventions I am trying to attend, but everything else is up in the air at the moment. For updates, please follow my twitter or join my Facebook fan page.  I’m pretty good about updating those two spots.

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  1. If I preordered from Amazon, do you think the book will arrive before Saturday so I can get it signed? :o Oh I hope so!

  2. Rachel says:

    I just got my copy in the mail! It’s fantastic, even better than I expected. The heavy cover is beautiful. It’s great to have a hard copy I can show to my friends.
    A family friendly story means I have nothing to be afraid of leaving it out for anyone to read.
    I am so impressed by your hard work and ability to make your passion your life! Keep on keeping on!

  3. Maki P says:

    Well, that just sucks; well sucks for me who are now stuck with 20 pages of a comic of a great artist I just discovered and that used to be online, but it’s not anymore and I can’t afford because even if I had $16 dollars to spend on indie comic I had to have it delivered from Canada. Sometimes it just sucks living in the Underdeveloped World.

    • Faith Erin Hicks says:

      The comic has been up since last August; it’s not my fault you didn’t find it in time. Also, it is published by an American publisher and is WIDELY available for very cheap. You can get it on the various Amazons (.com, .ca, .uk) for much less than the meager $16 price. You can also ask your local library to purchase the book if you still can’t afford to shell out $10 or whatever to buy it.

      If I seem a bit short with you, it’s because I’ve spent many hours slaving over this website for the last seven months, and don’t really feel like being complained to because you weren’t quick enough to read the comic when it was actually online.

  4. Brion says:

    Thank you sooooo much for keeping the blog posts up, it’s really interesting reading about your thought process; it made me look at the pages in more depth and appreciation (book bought btw). You should do it for your next book :P

  5. Julipy says:

    Dear Faith,
    it’s been a pleasure to follow your story online. I’ve enjoyed every little comment about the comic making process, and every piece of art you uploaded.And now I’m really happy to say that I’m supporting your job by buying your comic… I’ll be amazing to read it far away from the computer :D Good luck with your future projects!

    A spanish fan

  6. Lily says:

    I love this comic so much and I wish that a second was coming! Hopefully I’ll be buying it soon, but just wanted to say YOU ROCK!!

    P.S. Is there going to be another?

    • Faith Erin Hicks says:

      Another Friends With Boys? Sorry, no. It’s a stand-alone comic. However, I will have a new graphic novel out next year which has a similar setting (high school). :)

  7. Rachel says:

    Hey, I just want you to know that I ordered Friends with Boys and Zombies Calling though Amazon and just got them. The are both soooooo pretty and printed so well! I love it and gosh I hope I can collect the rest of your work next time I find the spare comic money. Love your work! Huuuuuuge fan! (I found you one day when someone linked me through Tumblr).

  8. Shanan says:

    This was one of the best comics I’ve read in a while. I’m actually really sad that there will not be any more volumes of Friends with Boys, the story was great.

    I’ll be looking our for your other works though :)

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