So, dear readers, were you satisfied with the ending to Friends With Boys? What’s that? You weren’t? Well, good news everyone! Because it’s not over. My good friend Miriam Gibson, creator of hilarious comics, has written THE COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED (okay, authorized. I begged her to) Friends With Boys proper ending. Another comic under the cut!

What’s that, you say? You’re not satisfied that every plot twist has been tied up? Well, have EVEN MORE ENDINGS courtesy of Miriam!

THUS EVERYTHING IS SOLVED THE END!!!! No, wait, even more endings are coming! That’s right, the super duper final ultimate ending is happening tomorrow, so check back to see it! Oh man I can’t wait.

PS. These comics had to go up a little smaller than I would’ve liked, so here are larger versions where you can bask in Miriam’s awesomeness: Ending #1 and Ending #2.

Miriam Gibson is an awesome person and you all need to visit her various webspots and enjoy her wonderful work. Here is her Tumblr, Unicorn Brigade and her portfolio site.  She is a drawer of excellent catbeards.


8 Responses

  1. Josh Ulrich says:

    Haha, these are hilarious.

  2. Laur says:

    Oh, the plot twists!!! Brilliant comics, Miriam!

  3. Welllensittich says:

    Now THAT is _SO_ cool! Why isn’t that in the printed book, too?
    Thanks for sharing your awesome book with us. At the moment is’s not yet available in Germany, but I will continue checking.

  4. Andrew says:

    Loved this. The humor is gentle yet funny. Great comics Miriam!

  5. Michaël says:

    Hi, a friend sent me the link to your webcomics version and I just finished reading it in one go. That was really² (yes, reallyXreally)good. I live in France but my comics store is very well furnished (meaning they have lots of graphic novels that are not about batman and friends)so I’ll be sure to check it out or ask if they can order it.
    Keep up the good work, that was delicious. I think the last time I felt that good after reading a comics was after “I Kill Giants”. I give you as many thumbs up as possible and apologize I only have two of them.

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Hello readers, new ones just discovering the comic and those who’ve been with it since the beginning. Friends With Boys is now complete online. You may read it in its entirety, all 200+ pages, for free, for the next eight days. Then the image files of the comic (except for a short preview) will be taken down. While the comic was being serialized online, I blogged a lot about my comic making process. I did write ups about how I make comics, what my opinions on what makes a good comic are, and pointed out various Easter eggs throughout Friends With Boys. That stuff will all remain up, so if you buy a hard copy of Friends With Boys, you can still read along with my thought process.

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