Pre-ordering information for Friends With Boys!

IMPORTANT PRE-ORDERING INFORMATION!  Friends With Boys is available for pre-order at your local comic store on page 291 of December’s issue of Previews! Yay! Apparently it is “Certified Cool,” which is very nice. The Previews code is DEC111077, so if you are fortunate enough to live in a town with a decent comic book store that you enjoy shopping at (like my own, always awesome Strange Adventures), please pre-order Friends With Boys from them. If you (sadly) do not have a great local comic shop there is also pre-ordering available online. You can pre-order it at Amazon (or the Canadian Amazon, or Chapters), Barnes & Noble or you can support local and find an indie bookstore in your area via Indie Store Finder.

Pre-ordering a book is very important, as it lets retailers know readers are interested in buying the book, and encourages them to stock and support it. If you have been enjoying the online version of Friends With Boys and think you might like to buy it when it comes out, please consider pre-ordering in whatever bookstore/comic book store or online outlet you prefer. I’d very much appreciate it.

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  1. I rarely get into my LCS these days, but I will make a trip on Wednesday to pre-order this. Totally worth it.

  2. Diadhuit says:

    I am an Italian reader and I was wondering if you know if it will ever be available on
    Otherwise I will not be able to preorder it because of all the taxes that my country will add on the item :(
    And… will Friends With Boys ever be translated in Italian?

  3. Dave says:

    Hi there! Really enjoying the story so far, and just pre-ordered my copy. Keep up the great work! ^_^

  4. Karen says:

    Just pre-ordered my copy! Also ordered The War at Ellsmere (when it comes back in stock!) because I’m stupid and forgot to get it when it came out and soon they will join Zombies Calling on my favourite comics shelf :D

  5. Thanks for explaining the pre-ordering. I didn’t realize how that would help the sales. Pre-ordered!

    Also, I dreamt last night that the book had arrived and I was trying to recommend it to my wife.

  6. Cat says:

    I just stumbled across this and devoured your earlier comics in this series. I love your story telling and your art. Thank you!

  7. […] Faith Erin Hicks’ Friends with Boys graphic novel debuts in February after a web […]

  8. Andrew says:

    Just pre-ordered at Monster Comics Lounge.
    Looking forward to it.

  9. Tom says:

    Faith – I wish I remembered how I found this site, because I really, really need to thank them. I really love this and only hope you will do another one with the same characters. I just preordered this one and ordered Zombies Calling – only because its from you.

  10. Chris says:

    Hi Faith! Quick RSS-related request… today I received a whole bundle of updates, spawned by user comments. In the past only the comic updates have been posted, which is super perfect, of course. Just something to look into, if the settings changed recently!

    All that aside, thanks so so much for posting all this. It has been such a pleasure to follow, and I look forward to getting my own copy upon release.

    • Chris says:

      Ah, figured it out, it must be in the Blog Post feed settings and such, since the comic pages don’t have a comment section of their own. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      AND OMG, I cannot wait for the impending climax. YOU GO, MAGGIE-AND-BROS!

  11. Marianne Lerdahl says:

    Standard international shipping to Norway: 30 – 40 weeks! Can’t wait!;)
    Keep up the good work, you keep amazing me with your wonderful characters and stories!

  12. Denise Smith says:

    Hi Erin,

    I’m interested to know if Friends with Boys is over after this Arc, or if it will be continuous. I’m really loving the story and hope it continues!

    • Faith Erin Hicks says:

      It’s a stand alone story. But I’m working on another graphic novel about teenagers, so maybe you’ll enjoy that too. :) PS. My name is Faith. Erin is my middle name.

  13. Diadhuit says:

    I ordered it as my graduation gift! It will arrive a week before my graduation, I hope not to spend all my days reading Friends with boys…

  14. Stuart says:

    I love this book, so I’ll happily be ordering a copy from my local Boulder, CO store – Time Warp. Thanks for the wonderful story, Faith.

  15. Rachel B. says:

    Hi Faith. I just read this off of Netgalley. This is my first ever graphic novel and I have to say I loved it! I’m going to get my own print copy from B & N because I enjoyed it so much. I hope you reconsider this story being a stand-alone. It seemed like there were some unanswered questions. I would love to see this story go on. :)

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