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Ooh, ooh, okay! This is the Oxford Theatre on Quinpool Road in Halifax, down the road from where I live.
The Oxford is kind of famous, having previously shown up in Local, a comic by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly.  An entire issue of that comic was devoted to a story set at the Oxford, which was pretty cool. However, as far as I know, Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly haven’t been to Halifax.

Here is the Oxford in olden times!
SO AWESOME. And here’s its seats:
ALL the legroom! It’s a great little theatre. Unfortunately, it no longer looks like it does in that exterior photo, with the brick and teal trim. The owners gave it an upgrade and a new sign this past summer, but it will be forever immortalized in this comic.

Also, this page is the only comic page I’ve ever sold. I posted a small section of the page online and someone (sorry, can’t remember who) recognized the theatre and asked to buy it. Apparently they also owned the Local pages from the Oxford section of that story and wanted this page to complete their set, so that was really cool. Anyway, point is, I don’t always want to sell my original artwork (I might need it someday! Yeah! …. meanwhile it molders in the closet), but if you see a page you’re interested in, get in touch and we might be able to work something out.


8 Responses

  1. clemon says:


    I’ve only been in the Oxford once to see Les Choristes. It was pretty awesome. (The theater is pretty big inside too)

    I was wondering, did you align your comic with Halloween on purpose?

  2. Kelly says:

    Is the ghost gonna show up for Halloween?

  3. Haley says:

    i love your comic its so cool. ive acctually started my own comic because of yours. its called “Horror Park”.

  4. Arabia says:

    This is not related, but I just saw it in the local paper and was intrigued….
    “The show is an amalgam of movies, graphic novels and radio plays, featuring three voice actors and 1,250 hand-drawn projections adapted from a comic book.”

    I had never thought of someone using the pages of a graphic novel in this way, but it sounds interesting! Especially since (if I read it correctly) the graphic novel had not been published anywhere and this was the only way to see it….

    Anyway, sorry to get off topic. I loved reading all the candy-stealing stories last time, and I love these glimpses of Halifax… and of course I’m loving this story! :-)

  5. Agata says:

    Splash page again :)

  6. GeePeeDee says:

    Gee whiz! I lived in Halifax for four short years, and still think of it as home. Just long enough to get hooked on Strange Adventures, Quinpool Avenue, and to see my great friends married AT THE OXFORD THEATRE! What a treat to see it guest start in your gorgeous comic. This is excellent stuff, Ms.Hicks. Thanks.

  7. Teowulf says:

    Very nice theatre! And I’m really liking these newsposts. I feel like they help inspire a sense of community, and encourage people to actually respond. A good example of this would be Sailor Twain, where we are constantly having fantastic discussions relating to the comic or the newsposts. Keep up the good work!

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