Friends With Boys!

Hi everybody! I’m Faith Erin Hicks and this is the website for my graphic novel Friends With Boys, which will be serialized online until its publication in February 2012. As someone who started out in online comics, I’m really thrilled my wonderful publisher First Second Books (check them out, they publish awesome, delicious comics that are endlessly consumable) is allowing me to post Friends With Boys online, so I’ll have the chance to talk with readers about the process behind this comic, and point out all the goofy easter eggs along the way.

Some stats: Friends With Boys is 211 pages long, and will update with a page a day every weekday. As someone who really enjoys procrastinating on the internet before dragging myself outside to jog in the morning, I love an online comic that updates frequently, so updates five times a week? Awesome.

Friends With Boys is about Maggie McKay, a teenager entering her first year in public high school. Previously Maggie had been home-schooled, taught by her mom and her only classmates her three (very loud, probably very manly) brothers. Now she’s following her brothers to high school, where she’ll have to deal with something pretty terrifying to a home-schooled kid: her peers. Also Maggie’s stalked by a local ghost, and having a ghost follow you to school on your very first day … very not cool.

So, dear readers, I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the comic and pass the link around to your friends and others you think might enjoy it. I’ll be here blogging along as the comic pages are posted, so please check back often.

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15 Responses

  1. Lissa says:

    Congrats, Faith! Comic looks great and it’s amazing we all get to read it online leading up to buying the book :)

  2. Dr. Stoner says:

    You are awesome! Keep the great work going!

  3. Leisl says:

    Looks wonderful Faith!

  4. Leigh Barber says:

    Fantastic. Big fan of your Superhero Girl, so more Faith in my life is a good good thing.

    Loving it so far, cant wait to read the rest.

  5. Maritza says:

    This looks awesome. Bookmarked!

  6. unholypet says:

    I find your story a little interesting, as it is my polar opposite.

    I started public school, left it and started home schooling in 7th grade until graduation. My public school was filled with anger and prejudice (of the mental type) from peers, teachers, and elder students. My single little sister and I started the same year home schooling, where I got away from being beaten up (and beating everyone else up) and she got away from the academic pressure my former teachers put on her.

    She ended up getting her G.E.D. in a class with other kids her age, but neither of us had ever been afraid of our peers. I’ve met a lot of home schooled kids in my state, and aside the shy few, none of them are afraid or intimidated by anyone else. I kindof wonder where you got that assesment.

    • Faith Erin Hicks says:

      The assessment is based on my own personal experience moving from homeschooling to public school, to college and the work force, and also on the experiences of my three brothers, who were also homeschooled. If you don’t agree, that’s certainly fine, but I’ve gotten a lot of comments from other ex-homeschooled kids who said their experience was also similar, so I don’t think I’m the only homeschooled kid ever to have had a bad experience with the social aspect of transitioning from home to public school.

      • unholypet says:

        I wouldn’t have thought so, no. It was just a weird concept to me. Sorry if I sounded stand-offish,

      • Scott Bieser says:

        It’s likely that every homeschooler’s experience is different, both in direction of transition (my sons started in public elementary school but I pulled them out because they were having problems, long story). Because, after all, we are all unique individuals.

    • Aine says:

      Why are some homeschoolers so defensive over the slightest mention that someone’s experience was less than rosy? The comic is hardly anti-homeschooling propaganda. She’s not saying homeschooling = destroyer of all social skills forever. Your comment sounded very standoffish.

  7. Aden Scott says:

    Hey! I enjoy your work and totally dig your style. I promise I’ll Friends with Boys when it is published!

  8. Noah Hicks says:

    That is a beautiful page. The emotion is grand and yet also very personal. The ghost seems in tune with Maggie’s need to be alone in this moment. I think we all need moments to “stew in our own juices”. I always enjoy some really good pathetic fallacy. Love this page and love the book.

  9. Owen Wells says:

    Hi Faith
    Just finished reading through the archive and wanted to say that I really like your work, especially the art style and character designs.

    Reminds me of my school days minus the crappy uniforms.

  10. Jez says:

    Wow I just borrowed ‘Friends with Boys’ this afternoon from the school library. I was physically LOLing at some pages, and other pages it was all emotional and I almost actually cried. Must be a pretty good book.
    So I’ve already finished it…took only two hours. Loved it.
    Good job!
    If there were a second book, that would be like….the best thing in book history!

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