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  1. jill says:

    I love the bedroom, and would like to have one like that with the cathedral ceiling and the sun streaming through with the early morning light!

    • eightyfour says:

      Heh, believe me, you do not want to have a room right under the roof. At least not as long as it isn’t spectacularly well insulated and/or air conditioned. Or maybe if you live next to the polar circle. Summer sun kills you in there. :p

      • Faith Erin Hicks says:

        Aw, really? But it looks so cool! And you can look up and see the stars… Oh well.

        • Laura C says:

          I’ve lived in an attic room with a window over the bed before. It’s not that bad! In fact, it’s quite awesome. I lived in the Northern hemisphere–but on the same latitude lines as Canada–NOT the polar circle. No worries!

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  3. Becky says:

    Awww. D101 memories…

    Beautiful lines, love it!

  4. Camui says:

    Whoaaaaaa. I was doodling a comic back in 2010 and the first page was the EXACT SAME as this page except for the layout of the room. Creepy.

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  7. Kelly says:

    I like the way you only made it white where the sun is shining in

  8. Anii says:

    I adore the lighting in the room…

  9. Simon says:

    Is that the reverse, pillows-are-for-feet sleep position? I still pull that one off from time to time. Good character detail.

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  18. Bryan says:

    Just finished reading through it, excellent read. I was only planning to read a few pages and then pick up the comic if I liked it, but I just couldn’t stop reading it once I started. I’ll need to pick up the book the first chance I get.

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  22. Tristen says:

    Ok so i just finished reading this since I just bought it today.
    And I loved it! Whenever I discover one of your comics it’s just as good as finding gold (i really have no idea what your suppose to do with that stuff anyways).you were one of the comic artists whose stories helped to peel me away from my “anime/manga only” bubble a few years back and it’s always a joy to add something new that you created to my collection. so i just want to say i loved it, your amazing, and i am looking forward to your next comic ;)

  23. Danielle says:

    Wow im so glad i found this book in my book fair!
    I sooo cant wait to read it, it already sounds awesome!
    Thank you for making a awesome book c:

  24. Mya says:

    They have this book at my scholastic book fair!!! I plan on buying it on Monday to Tuesday or Wensday. Most likely Monday.:)love your way of art

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  26. Claudia says:

    I love how you draw!!

    Your lines, expressions, characters, backgrounds, are all fun and beautiful.

    Great work!

  27. Paul says:

    I found this somehow in relation to the multiple ending hamlet thingy. Story BEGIN!

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  31. Jade Martin says:

    Is this a series? I just finished the FWB today, and it felt so short. It left me wanting more.

  32. Jessica says:

    I just finished the book today! It was FANTASTIC!! Can’t wait for the next installment :3

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