Friends With Boys - Page 167

This is my favourite use of drawn sound effects in the whole book. I think I did a good job here! I hope you agree. :)

Okay! We have winners for the Zombie Limerick Challange! First of all, you are ALL winners here. You all did a great job, and I’m thrilled to have such talented readers. But I only have 5 copies of Nursery Rhyme Comics to give away, so I could only choose five awesome Zombie Limericks.

In no particular order, here are my favourites:

1) Zombies On My Doorstep (set to the John Denver tune “Sunshine on my Shoulder”) by Warren!
I liked this Zombie tune because it seemed like something that could actually be a part of a high school play. Taking a familiar tune and changing the lyrics to reflect the play made a lot of sense, plus a John Denver zombie song is just hilarious. Good job, Warren!

2) Untitled Free Verse Zombie Poem by Jennah!
Really nice work here, Jennah. I was attracted to the poems and limericks that tended to tell stories, and your piece was very evocative. I really enjoyed reading it.  I like it when poems rhyme, but a well crafted free verse poem is a think of beauty.

3) Midnight Snack by Dave! And Dave even did a drawing to go with his poem too! Nice work, Dave.
Again, I like the poems and limericks with a bit of story to them, and this one was terribly clever. The rhyming scheme worked really well too. I read all of the poems/limericks/haiku out loud, and Midnight Snack rolled easily off my tongue.

4) Tegan the Vegan (Zombie) by Anna!
This one just made me crack up. I will always be a sucker for that Man from Nantucket rhyme scheme.

5) … and finally, Rita’s continuation of the Friends With Boys zombie song!
I can picture the glowering students slouching around the stage singing this verse. Total musical theatre.

So congrats to everyone! And thanks to everyone else for entering! I really enjoyed reading all of your work. I have very entertaining readers. Emails will be going out to the winners today. The prizes will go out sometime next week.

Anyway, stay tuned! I have a guest interview this week with the esteemed Dave Roman, author of the First Second graphic novel Astronaut Academy. He’s also one of the few people to write both X-Men and Avatar: The Last Airbender comics in an official capacity. :D


15 Responses

  1. Dieter says:

    When your little sis’
    Is acting strange
    Who ya gonna call?

  2. tanita says:

    This is a happy page.
    What do you do if your parent isn’t listening?
    Stop using your words! (They’re not working anyway.)

  3. Arabia says:

    Yaayyyy, adolescent rebellion! I was half-expecting the “Now I understand why Mom left you!!” speech, but this was even better! And those sound effects really woke me up — they’re great!

    Also, her brothers’ faces and that reaction — priceless.

  4. Karenmaru says:

    I’d smash something too, if only because Dad never asked her why she took the antique hand. It was all “punish, punish, punish.” Not to mention his disregard of her concern for Lucy and Alistair. Poor Mags. Dad is lucky that picture’s not getting smashed on his obstinate head…

  5. Warren says:

    I get the feeling Maggie just got herself in way over her head. Did not see that coming.

    +1 for ‘Jebus’, mos’ def.

    And golly, thanks! Though I must say, Dave’s drawing for ‘Zombie Snack’ is in a league all its own.

    • Faith Erin Hicks says:

      ‘Jebus’ makes a lot of sense to me, seeing as one of Lloyd’s first lines was a Simpsons quote: “Who’s your Messiah now!”

  6. Sophie says:

    Haha Yep, that’s exactly how upset teenage girls act. And that’s exactly how their brothers react.

  7. I like that the boys appear to be getting along and even hanging out right now.

    • Faith Erin Hicks says:

      They naturally gravitate towards each other when they’re in the same house. They’re like … orbiting objects? I dunno. XD

  8. Glennnnn says:

    The most obvious problem is the lack of communication. His from an Official point, and hers because her ghost is just so weird and personal. She would be putting a whole different perspective on this if she could tell everyone about the widow of the Reaper without sounding like a lunatic. Maybe the ghost could help her convince them of that. (?)

  9. Whoa, I called it, didn’t I?

  10. Sporky says:

    So much pent up rages being released in one night that Lloyd had lampshades people’s extreme reactions lately. Actually there were just 2 but they were both intense.

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